Who's Your Daddy? The Conclusion.

Back in August, we wrote about our accidental crossbreed: one of our Super Lemon Haze mom plants was in pre-flower. The mom was a bit too close to the fathering tent, which was in full flower (we run some male flowers for pollen collection).

We had two potential father plants: Long Peaks Blue and Neville’s Haze. We immediately germinated and flowered the seed and quickly learned that the father is our Neville’s Haze.

From our Super Lemon Haze x Neville’s Haze crossbreed, we got 13 female seeds.


From the 13 seeds, we selected our six favorite plants.

Plant #3

Plant #3

Every single cannabis plant that is grown from a seed is slightly different — cannabis plants are influenced by genetics (genotype) and the environment. Genotypes allow a spectrum of characteristics, but it’s the environment that activates certain characteristics. The expression of the genotype is the phenotype.

We now have all six phenotypes of our SLH x NH crossbreed for sale! 

Tell us what you like, and we’ll recommend a good phenotype for you to try. Or, try all six…

All six phenotypes

All six phenotypes


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